Galaxia Test Release 09



Download from!Arp4D6YSlcg0jGFY1hZ2Wr-E7gWB

New things in this version:

  • Different galaxy types and improved galaxy distribution
  • New galaxy rendering method
  • Black holes and star classification system
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements




2 thoughts on “Galaxia Test Release 09

  1. Looks amazing, I wonder how you got around floating point precision as well. Does this use a floating origin or is it way more complicated? Really wish the source code was available to learn from. Keep up the great work, really inspiring!


    1. Hi Thomas!
      I believe he uses double precision on CPU and relative to camera rendering. Probably some sort of sparse octree structure for the universe and the galaxies to split the space. When rendering a solar system i believe he renders the galactic background, clears the depth buffer and then renders the solar system – same with the planets i guess.


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